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Light-bulbUpdate: Snag Bar is working again (PLEASE READ THE UPDATES)

by Bebe Lee - Apr 29, 2010 Star_s71,517 views

Farmville & other Zinga game players - the feeds from Zinga to FB have been down for last two hours. Snag Bar and My Feed for these games are not working as a result.

Farmville has changed how rewards (including collectibles, lonely pets, mystery eggs, etc) are accepted, see this post for more details. This new Yes/No confirmation page requires an extra click and breaks Snag Bar. We don't have a good solution for this yet.

Update 1:30am: Zynga's feeds are back to FB again. MY FEED is working. Snag Bar is not working because of new accept format. Please stop snagging and try our MY FEED and click manually for now. We'll give a more detailed update later.


Updated by Bebe 10:15PM US PDT on April 29, 2010

We've made a final update to Snag Bar for the day. We are much more happier with this update and we hope you will too. Your toolbar will be updated automatically within a day. If you want to get immediate update, you can do the following:

Click the 'C' logo on the toolbar. Select Layout Manager. Click "Restore defaults" on the bottom left.

I've been reading every comment in this thread. Thanks again for your support and patience!


Note from Alan (5:05 PM CDT on May 1, 2010):

Many people are reporting that they are having problems with the "Checking for Permissions" box staying open when they start the Snag Bar. There are two likely reasons for this. The first is that Facebook isn't returning the Snag Bar's permission check. The second and, considering the large number of complaints, most likely reason is that Facebook has somehow lost the permissions for the Gamers Unite!

Please try the following steps in order. If one step doesn't remove the pop-up, or if it keeps coming back, then please go to the next step.

1) Refresh the Web page like the pop-up box tells you to do. (If the problem is simply the Web page didn't update when permission was received, this will fix it.)

2) Stop the Snag Bar and start it again. (If the problem is that Facebook didn't answer the permission request, this will force another request to go out that should be answered.)

3) On any Facebook page, click Accounts --> Application Settings. Find the Gamers Unite! application and uninstall it by clicking on the "x" on the far right of the line. Go back to your News Feed and then start the Snag Bar. When requested, give the Snag Bar permission to access your News Feed. This will reinstall the Gamers Unite! Application. (If this problem is that Facebook has corrupted the permissions in our application, this will fix it. Several members have reported this to have worked for them.)

If NONE of the above worked for you, please leave all relevant information in a comment, including what operating system you are using, what browser you are using, if you've had any problems accessing your Facebook, what happened when you tried to use the Snag Bar, etc. This will help us diagnose any problems the Snag Bar may be having.

For any other Snag Bar issues, please read the Answers to "Where are my snagged items?" and other Snag Bar Questions thread first. Any question posted here that is answered in that thread will be ignored unless you specifically state which question number you looked at over there.

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Tige I'm not sure but it sound like you may have turn it off prior to loading it again. You can try to turn it back on just go up and right on the menu anywhere it should give you a pull down menu with a list of all you menu see if gamers united is listed and then check if it's not. I hope this work for you.


ive tried over & over again 2 download farmville toolbar and failed snag bar also , i allow it it download tells me 2 restart Firefox reloads but nothing but the same toolbar as b 4 idk y it duzent show i know window vista sucks but my bro has it on his account and iut on this same pc


I use windows explorer 8. have only just installed snag bar and it keeps coming up "give snag bar permission". I press it and nothing happens. Have tried all above steps and still not working.


I am leery of FIRE FOX, as seen on News Hackers are wherein out FIRE FOX users. I was this was added to Chrome but that would probably ruin Chrome just the same . Google chrome has a wide open area of use. no added layered browsers and links. I would just rather keep my chrome. This Snag Bar would be great, so Happy hunting Neighbors pages for me!


how do i up date my snag bar it tells me i useing the old one i need to get the new one how do i do it


it keeps telling me i dont have firefox yet i have downloaded it and run it even though I do have it and it still says i dint have firefox!!!!


mine is still the g snag instead of the c snag have uninstalled & reinstalled about 6 times i am still getting a few of the items snagged though so at least that is something the newer stuff it " snags" but doesnt show up oh well some is better than sittting there constantly checking feed or not getting them at all


Snag bar hasn't been snagging right for the last week. I have uninstalled it and re installed but it still hasn't helped. Ive also tried clearing the cache and history but that to has not helped. My "auto like" is not working. snagging is taking forever to pick things up! I end up having to manually click on the feeds to get the rewards because otherwise it doesn't catch anything.


My snag bar is working great an I can get to my Farm with know problems you guys that are having problems thought jt might be you or your PC and not the Snag Bar Or Farmville


My snag bar says mine is old and that I need to uninstall it and download an updated version. How can I do that? how can I download the new version?? tnks!


I am wondering why it keeps telling me I have the old snag bar after I had uninstalled that one and installed the new one. It also tells me I have two and I don't.


I am wondering when this snag bar will work the way it used to! :(


Me too, mine hasn't snagged for 2 days


me too and how i can do i cannot get any


updates has not helped me


the snag bar will not install


=[ My "auto like" is not working. & it is taking forever to pick things up! I had to click on a bunch myself to get the rewards because otherwise it didn't catch anything.


the snag bar is not working for me. It keeps asking me for permission and I keep pressing it. I am logged into facebook and farmville and still do not understand this. :(

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