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Light-bulbHow can I block someone from using the snag bar on MY page?

by Wendy Carter - Jul 28, 2010 Star_s1,496 views

How can I block someone from using the snag bar on my page?  Or...if I delete them as my friend and neighbour will that unable them to snag from my page in the future?

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How can I invite a couple of active snaggers? :) I am doing a lot of quests, and I love how fast I can receive the items from the snagbars...


I dont mind people using snags but, maybe, if the snag bar allows it, the people that use them should consider collecting things that will help their friends, along with the other things you collect. For example items that you need for challenges. I try to do the challenges and I find that waiting for your friends to click on your news feed posts, is the most frustrating part of the challenge. I bet your friends wouldnt complain about you using snags if you helped them out in that way too. I personally dont use the snags....and I hardly can collect anything, but I dont care, coz really ITS JUST A GAME, and not worth dissing people for.


To answer you question, you can, as long as you opt out of Farmville posting to your wall for you.

On Facebook, go to account, Privacy settings. There, select posts by me, and customize. Type their name in the "Hide this from" bar and they will not see ANY feed posts you make.


What a boring life she must lead . Join a site just to spout BS . Come on do you think we at GU care about your opinion ? Well hunny we dont get over your self and get a life .


I used to spend lots of time going through the feed looking for things that no one had claimed, often for hours. It took a long time, and I got very little, but it was better than nothing.

Later I found the Facebook Bonus Checker. This app creates a list of items from the feed, and one must click each item to determine if it is still available. Much faster, and more effective than my first choice. There is a way to customize it.

I found GU, and it does the clicking for me. I customize so that I take only what I need.

How to block others? Create a group in FB. I do this so that all my FV posts do not go to my family and friends, it's just to much for them. So all the FV neighbors are in a group. I manually add the group and the few friends that play FV. If I had to do it over, I'd create just a FV id, not linked to my FB.

There are some at the Zynga forum that suggest there is software that 'grabs' when something is in the 'pending' state, before it is published. I believe from my reading that GU only goes after stuff after one minute has elapsed. The grabber software that takes it immediately most likely does not have a site that advertises it's members.

I believe there are many that eliminate neighbors that are GU members, and others that they are never able to get anything from.

I had several comment to me that my stuff was gone in 1 second. I eliminated one neighbor that had loads of stuff and never shared. Stuff became available. Sometimes, I will manually input names of folks (lower level players/others) that have made requests or don't seem to get anything. I've also made lists from those folks that show up on my 'chat box'. The ones playing.

I have one neighbor that never shares anything, all his stuff seems to be gone before it's published.

I think some are greedy and want to take everything, not just what they need. It isn't fun if you're starting out and don't get anything. Folks lose interest. If new players don't join and grow, folks leaving, the community will get smaller and smaller.

Would you be happy if folks had to respond to one of those graphics? "Type what's in this box" things? Perhaps find a way to ensure that the one 'clicking' is really at the keyboard? Make a suggestion to Zynga at the Zynga forum.


FYI I do not belong to Gamers Unite. I only had to sign up on it in order to post my message. I have nothing against those who use the Snag Bar if that's the way they want to play....... I just don't want snag bar players for MY neighbors. What others do is their business.... no offense. But thanks for your responses anyway.


True, if you are not going to be a GU then you need to leave Gamers Unite so you dont waste everyone times. That is the funnest thing about it is you get to get the gifts off the homepage wtihout having to go through your whole homepage to get them and sometimes when you make it to them they are expired already. I think the snagbar is easier to use!!!


What's the point of being a member of GU if you're going to have that kind of poor a** attitude.. this is gamers UNITE.. if you're going to be a selfish hypocrite then move on elsewhere!!


Just in case I'm one of your neighbors, I'll go ahead and tell you... I proudly and unashamedly use the Snag Bar... so go ahead and delete me.


Well, it's kind of a pain in the ass... instead of posting your bonus' to the page via farmville, just copy and paste the link to your facebook page.. snag bar doesn't see it and it has to be clicked on manually. if you can identify those that belong the gamers unite, then ASSUME they use the snag bar, (because belonging to gu doesn't mean they use snag bar) you can make a list of friends not on gu and post your bonus' only to that list. or you can just delete any neighbor that belongs to GU but then again, your are assuming they use snag bar, kind of guilt by association. Getting rid of those that might use snag bar won't get rid of the ones that use bonus checkers, zyngas bonus bar or any other type of bonus grabber.
What i do is post regular stuff to my page, such as bushels etc but special stuff, like eggs and special animals, i post a link.
good luck

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