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Question-whiteBar Dont work and I know why! New Issue!!!

by Shawn Valentine - Apr 29, 2010 Star_s239 views

Ok farmville has added an extra click after you click a link stating if we want to get this item. Therefor its an extra step we have to take to get the item. This will make the bar not work so whoever makes this bar is going to have to do some work and upgrade this bar because it wont pick up any pets, eggs, fuel and other things. When I click on hatch egg it then goes to a screen asking me if i want to hatch this egg witch it didnt do before. I think they added this to stop gamers unite so hopefully gamers unite will re-program there snag bar to this new feature. Can we get this done asap?


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12-em-plus add reply

Sooo this snag bar not working is temporary?? I hope so worked all day yesterday but to day I updated my puter windows vista with the updates they said were available but not snag doesnt work....wasnt working before. I can go to gamers site and it runs (dont think its snagging though but running....i log into facebook...still running....hit go to farm........and I get the Yellow Yeild sign and now nothing. I even reinstalled game bar. Like right now nothing yellow yeild sign. If im missing so easy fix please let me know. I went to FB into account settings but got lost there......trying to give it permission..........any ideas??!! No fun not snagging when im trying to do orcherd and watering cans and such....nobody sharing....and if they were Im not getting them....hoooo hummmmm heck first thing this morning my neighbors wouldnt load im having aray of problems.


Since i added the snag bar,my game hasnt been up to par.I am ceriously concidering taking it off!!!Now it wont even work!I see mant complaints on this subject,but see NO solutions for this it!!!My game is also freezing up all the time now,since the install...SOOOO NOT worth all these problems..if its still not working by later tonight,or tomorrow morning at least,its GONE!!Its great all you are "tryting to improve things"but it sucks because most of the time,it ends up like THIS!! :(


read what before a post? I have searched this site for an answer myself and found no solution. I click snag and it will not work either. So Shawn I agree, no body needs o be an A-- about a relevant question! maybe GU needs to so what i suggesteed months ago and add a search screen for our questions?


Ed you dont have to be an ass, i am sorry i dont have all day to read everything, your right and i know i should have. I was just trying to help gamers unite. I am on there side so dont be a jerk!


Shawn the Admins are aware of this issue, please give it some time as this update just happened a couple of hours ago.


u should read more before u post.

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