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Light-bulbTips for Happy Aquarium :)

by Katie O'Neill - Mar 05, 2010 Star_s8,075 views

Buying fish – In the beginning of the Happy Aquarium game, you will be given your own tank and your first step will be to buy some fish. All you have to do is follow the directions the game provides to do this and this step will be completed in no time. Happy Aquarium will use arrows to show you which fish to buy and what do next. You will be able to choose the name for your fish and the gender, which are primarily just personal preferences and they don’t have any effect on game play.

Feeding fish – After you’ve bought your fish and added it to the tank, your next step will be to feed it. You should have already been given some food but if you haven’t you can click on the “Store” and buy some. To feed your fish, click on the food icon and then click on the tank. You’ll be able to tell when the fish is full or it needs to be fed by looking at the “Hunger” level located at the top of the screen or by clicking on the fish in question. Feeding your fish in your Happy Aquarium tank will earn you experience points to help you level up so its important to have lots of fish and feed them regularly. Also, if you don’t feed your fish for three days straight they will get sick and if they’re sick for another three consecutive days they will die.

Healing and flushing fish – As previously discussed, if you don’t feed your fish they become sick and die. To provide immediate health care to your sick fish, click on it and select “heal”. If you return to your tank only to find dead fish, you’ll need to remove them from the tank. To do this, click on it and select “Flush”.

Selling fish – Selling fish will earn your Happy Aquarium coins. To sell a fish grab the arrow tool and click on the fish you want to sell. Then click the “Sell” button to have your fish released into the ocean and you’ll be awarded some coins.

Mating fish – You can breed fish by clicking on them and selecting “mate”. Eggs will be produced and they will later hatch into baby fish. The eggs will roll on the bottom of the tank and sometimes they will end up hiding behind your decorations. Remember that only mature fish that have reached adulthood are able to breed and that you can only mate once per day. Mating is not 100% successful and therefore you won’t always obtain babies from it. Mating your fish however will earn you coins so it’s in your best interest to do it. Before you can mate your fish you’ll need to have a clean health tank, a full healthy fish, plenty of room in your tank and 2 adult fish of the same species (1 male and 1 female).

Training fish – You can train fish by playing the mini game adventure but you’ve got to have a fully healthy fish and a clean tank first. New tricks are available to be learned at each growth level and fish can be trained about once per day. To train your fish click on it and select the “Train” option. Training will earn you food, coins, and experience points. To see your fish do his trick, tap on the glass of your tank.

Cleaning your tank – Tanks get dirty over time and will need to be cleaned. To do this, simply grab the brush tool and click on the tank. You’ll earn experience points for cleaning your tank and those of your Happy Aquarium friends.

Tapping on your tank – Tapping on your tank’s glass will cause your fish to swim away from where you tapped. It is also used to tell your fish to do his/her tricks he/she has learned.

Taking photos of your tank – Click on the camera icon located at the top right side of the screen to take a snapshot of your tank to add it to your Facebook profile and share it with your friends. You can even add a caption underneath the photo if you want. Knowing how to take a photo of your tank is useful, especially when CrowdStar holds a Happy Aquarium contest to give away free pearls and you need to submit your tank for voting.

Voting for tanks – Asking your friends to vote for your tank can help you win prizes like free t-shirts and free pearls for Happy Aquarium contests. Votes for tanks are only recorded once and if you vote again for the same tank it will show up temporarily but it will not be recorded.

Tank ratings – Your Happy Aquarium neighbors can rate your tank by clicking on the thumbs up or thumbs down icons located at the top of the screen. Doing so doesn’t impact your play but it’s a nice gesture.

Adding Happy Aquarium neighbors – To add friends, click on the “Invite Friends” tab located at the top of the screen. Then select the Facebook friends you want to invite to be your Happy Aquarium neighbors. All your current Happy Aquarium friends are positioned at the bottom of the tank for easy viewing and visiting.

Sending and receiving food and gifts – To send a free gift or food to your friends, click on the “Send Food” tab or the “Free Gifts” tab located at the top of the screen. Alternatively, when you receive fish food or gifts, you will be notified from the Facebook requests page to either accept or reject the items. Once you accept the items they will automatically appear in your fish tank.

Visiting Happy Aquarium neighbors’ tanks – Going to visit your friends’ tanks is a good way to earn more experience points and Happy Aquarium coins. To visit your friend, just click on their profile image located at the bottom of the screen. Once you’re in front of their tank you can earn experience points or coins by completing such tasks as cleaning their tank and clicking on their treasure chest. Helping them out may also entail giving them a thumbs up rating on their tank and voting for their tank.

Buying pearls – Happy Aquarium pearls are virtual currency that’s used to buy premium decorations in the Happy Aquarium store. To buy pearls, click on the “Get More Pearls” tab at the top of your screen and use your credit card, Amazon Payments, Google Checkout, Zong, or PayPal account to make the purchase. You can check on the status of an order of pearls you bought by clicking on the “Get More Pearls” tab at the top of the screen and selecting “Missing Pearls”. You can convert pearls to coins by using pearls to buy items in the store and then selling those items in exchange for Happy Aquarium coins. You can earn pearls in the game by leveling up and you will receive one pearl for each new level you reach.

Customizing your tank – After you’ve saved some Happy Aquarium coins you can purchase decorations for your tank. These decorations can be bought at the store and they enhance the overall look and feel of your tank. Having a better looking tank can get your tank better ratings and more votes if your friends like it. Buying things like props, coral, rocks, wallpapers, and other special items may just help you win a Happy Aquarium contest.

Expanding tanks – Adding new tanks allows you to expand your fish selling empire. To buy a new tank, just click on one located at the bottom left part of the screen. New tanks are unlocked when you reach a certain level in the game and adding new tanks permits you to have more fish that can earn you more experience points and coins. Having more tanks and therefore fish also allows you to reach new Happy Aquarium levels much faster.

Sending bottle messages – Each tank has the ability to receive messages in a bottle. You will not see a message bottle in your own tank just as your friend cannot see his/her own message bottle in their tank. If you want to leave a message in a bottle for your friend, click on your friend’s tank and then click on the bottle. After your done typing the message, send it on its way.

How to move fish or items between tanks – To move your fish to another tank, select the fish, click on the notepad, and then click on the blue “tank” symbol to move your fish to another fish tank. To move the item to a different tank, click on the destination tank and then click the green check mark.

Treasure chests – Treasure chests and Bubble Clams are placed in tanks to allow your friends to earn coins by clicking on them. This does not steal coins from you. These clams and chests are refilled with coins at midnight (PST) for all well kept tanks. Feeding your fish and cleaning your tank ensures that you and your friends are rewarded with Happy Aquarium coins.

Renaming fish – If you don’t like the default name of your fish, you can easily change it. Just click on the fish and click on the notepad located to the right. Then you’ll be able to replace the current name with a new one.

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12-em-plus add reply


I cannot open any more " my item " inbox / storage.
I tried several search engines. Etc.... What shoud I do?


I have never had any of my fish get sick or die, even when I don't feed them for weeks. That's one of the things I really like about this game. You don't have to feel bad when the fish die.


to stanley myers ll
They used to have the feature where the fish would get sick and, die, but through a new update, your fish will not die or even get sick.


i got a question..the hunger bar is always full...i cant feed my fish..its very hard to level up
i ask my friend he said that the same thing happen to his old acount...and the fish never age...


Great guide. I just have one addition and one question.

Addition: Selling fish: A fully grown adult fish produces more coins and exp than a baby fish. So it is in your best intrest to raise your baby fish into mature adults before selling them.

Question: Fish getting sick and dead fish. A little bit of confusion here. I have several tanks, the first tank is for the variety of adult fish, the second is my breeding tank, and the third is my nursery. The only fish that gets food is the 2nd and 3rd. The first tank has not been given any food in over two weeks, yet they are still alive. Hungry yes, but never sick and certainly never dead. Any thoughts on that?

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