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Light-bulbUsing facebook credits to get farm cash

by Shonas Farm - Jul 29, 2010 Star_s4,399 views

Recently a lot of people playing through facebook have recieved pop ups saying they have been given free facebook credits (anywhere from 10 - 25). When i got this I checked FV cuz i was sure you can buy FV Cash with FB credits- you could but the minimum was $25 dollers and my 10 FB credits were only equal to $1 so I forgot about it.
Here's the good part- Zynga now created an option of buying 4FV Cash for $1 - if you select this option and then select FB Credits as your method of payment then you can use 10 FB credits to get 4 Farm Cash. Fantastic!! :D
ALSO- those of you who recieved 15 or 25 you will have 5 FB credits left over- frustrating right? WRONG - there are some games just now that are giving away FB credits if you try them. Both Bejewled and Hello City are doing this- each giving 5 FB credits. So use one to make up to 10 FB credits and get another 4FV! Or if you recieved 10 or 20 FB credits in the first place then use both and get ANOTHER 4 FV! Awesome!!
The original free FB credits I cant help you with but as for the two games here are links to get  5FB credits on each:
Hello City:

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12-em-plus add reply

I tried both Hello City and Bejeweled but I didn't receive any farmville cash for either.


Barbara- are you playing at it only works it you play through facebook. Then the option to use FB credits is below the other payment options.


where is the option to us fb credits. i only see options to pay

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