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Light-bulbYoville Tip

by Christina Crosset - Mar 06, 2010 Star_s1,816 views

Here are a couple: Build your room score by just putting out all the gifts you receive. The room score is based partially on the number of objects. Another tip to easily furnish your place is to buy some items with Yocash.

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12-em-plus add reply

To get cash on Yoville U have to access the forum then trading and then look for a Yocash trader or post to get one, but verify the usual rate for that day, usually they will ask for the items U want to buy then they sell it to you for the coins agreed upon. But always be careful, those guys that tells U that they exchange coins for cash it cannot be done they are scammers.


If you go to the yoville.com site and checkout profiles it will earn u coins and gifts.


yoville is no cheats so u can never get yocash by cheating...or just bought for real money in paypal...^_^


I have a really hard time getting yocash do you have any ideas on how to get cash


Here are a couple: Build your room score by just putting out all the gifts you receive & put in the things you get from your puzzles... each one of them are worth 2,000 points. I put them in the room and then take them out later and put them where I want them, usually in a room that is already complete.

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