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Light-bulb"Cheater Apps" -- FV Bonus Checker ...Really?

by Nicole Jameson - Jul 31, 2010 Star_s4,094 views

I recieved this on my feed a little earlier....
why do any of us need cheater apps to play games that we choose to play??
now I have friends on both apps, this one and gamers united. I want to keep my friends but if you feel you have to have one or both of these apps please remove me from your friends list.
Really?? The link is to check who have the FV bonus checker. And this is a cheater app ..How? Good Grief!!!
My reply:
The farmville bonus checker is not a cheater app. It is a tool to seperate the bonuses and gifts requests from the feed. I use it to gift items and fertilize crops that I would normally miss in the massive amount of feeds I receive. =) You manually have to click on each square...if the item is already taken or expired, then it will tell you so....=) =) I also use the FV gift exchange to help gift itmes that neighbors are requesting. Everyone have a great weekend!
what do y'all think?

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12-em-plus add reply

Its telling me I have about 30 neighbours using it. . I dont like it personally cause it slows my puter down, but if it works for them, Good luck to them...

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