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by Stroobants Willy - Apr 30, 2010 Star_s650 views

You SEE For Every Problem there is A Sollution !! The Working People (Devolpers) From Gamers Unite Are Pure TOP !!! the Fixes in No Time The Issues that ZYNGA Give Us " !
" The Attacks from ZYNGA (changes There ProgramsTo Distorb the Gamers unite Snag ! ) "
Haha What Specialist are ore People From Gamers Unite !! (Devolpers)
Zynga Can Only Dream to Have Program Workers like ThePeople from the Gamers Unite !!
Like we Only Can Dream from those FV Cash Sponsored Items that only can get to Buy Them With FV Cash (Rich people Politics DO NOT Belong In A Game Like Farmville Zynga !!)
Friendly Regards to All Gamers Unite Members & Players
willy stroobants

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WILLY- You just posted the above message 8 times in a row by replying or making a complete new thread about it. why are you flooding the forums with this same message over and over?

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