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Question-whiteNeighbors always out of Fertilizer

by Susan E Harmony - Aug 02, 2010 Star_s82 views

Everyone of my neighbors have been out of fertilizer for the past day. Is there a limit of how many we can ferilize and feed eaxh day? Please help me in this. Thank you!

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12-em-plus add reply

Thank you so much for your help. I guess all of the people I visit must not visit their neighbors then :-( I always visit my neighbors almost daily and I have close to 300. I gift, too. It is just odd, that every single one is out of fertilizer. It seems like some type of glitch to me since this has never happened before. This is two days in a row that I am unable to fertilize any of my neighbors farms and I am not getting any XP which makes it frustrating. Boo Hoo :-) Again, thanks for your help.


the more you visit and help on other farms the more fertilizer you have when people visit, it will only give five bags at a time. Once you have fertilized their farm it won't let do it again for 23 hours but can go back to feed the chickens,,


Facebook is responding slow for me also,waitting for the farm to finnish downloading the firtlize will come up. I also noticed that the command gets lost if you wait to long.Tapping on last command will make it wake up and respond. this has worked for me hope it helps.

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