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Light-bulbTip for getting rid of bushels you don't need...without having to Publish!

by Tah Thomas - Aug 02, 2010 Star_s1,949 views

Hey everybody! I started snagging bushels for the crafting but kept
getting so many that I didn't need. I found myself sharing 1 bushel at a
time so much that my server would have to be reset. So...I started
using them. Instead of clicking the share button, I clicked the use
button; that way, there was nothing to publish!. I would do it over and
over changing one for the other even though I didn't need the mastery
bonus or the extra xp. I got rid of the single bushels that were
clogging up my storage without having to publish anything so my server
didn't have to be reset. Hope this helps! =)

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12-em-plus add reply

You only need to click skip and it will not publish it but will reduce your bushels.


great idea!!! im gonna do that! ty!

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