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Light-bulbZoo World Money

Ingame just find your best income ticket price and change it to it .. mine is 16. and now change every time to the same value... and you get money for it... if you do it for a few you get much money! It works .. i want that toolbar plz.

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12-em-plus add reply

I used to keep the page open in the background so it would be constantly generating money, but I found that after a few zoo days it would freeze or force me to click and stop building up money. Best thing I have found was a Firefox add-on called Reload Every, located at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/115/
I just set it to reload my Zoo World page every five minutes and leave it up in the background while I do all my other computer tasks. It is nice to come back to my Zoo and see several million dollars there, especially since I am only getting $150K per zoo day!


Keep your report card at an "A" value. depends on your level as to what your ticket price should be set at.
Also make sure you get the treasuer hunter, if you don't have it already, buy at least 5 of each animal and if you can't buy more than 2 start breeding


Lol I want it to go higher than 16!


Same thing worked for me until 2 days ago. Doesn't work anymore. Wish I knew how to get it back!

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