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Question-whiteCan't post to wall

by Diane Melancon Moore - Aug 04, 2010 Star_s1,322 views

I am having trouble posting things to my wall. The box pops up to share items but it is blank. Any one else having this problem? My FV friends are missing out on a lot of good stuff .

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12-em-plus add reply

for those who get a pop-up box on clicking share/ask for help/post etc.

if the problem is that in the box u don't see publish button then keep on pressing tab
it will guide u too the publish button

I need help (for myself) because i am not getting the pop-up box


me too!!!!


Me too! Lost red mystery egg, crafting ribbon award, baby calf....etc! Have collections to trade but I'm afraid I'll lose those too! Errgghh!


Having same problem.


Yes and not just in Farmville but in my other games too. I was glad to see this posting to know that it was not just me. ty I hope they get it fixed soon Like you said our friends are missing out on many good items.


I am having the same problem... :-( Let's hope they are working on it and everything will be all right ;-)


Yes, same as problem too. sigh!


Same problem for the last day or two. When I log into my farm I can only share something to my wall once, first thing that comes up. After that blank "post to wall" window. The problem started when facebook changed the layout of this post to wall share box.


Same problem here. It started last night for me.

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