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Question-whitenot cheating its just special

by Gabe Clement - Aug 04, 2010 Star_s4,973 views

why u see different horses in the races are they breed special breeds like if u find the right manes put together u breed a lvl 5 or higher female witha  lvl 5 or higher male and it makes a special breed and if it says likely special breed it does not mean that u will always get it like the liberty one which is a green horse u need the statue of liberty trainer and u only got a 5% chance of it becoming special unless u use a vitamin pill which dont mean it will still do it like a 80% vitamin pill costs 200 horse shoes and to get horse shoes u need to get 1st in a race so its pretty hard i could probaly sell a good horse to someone who needs it and help them get a special breed. so contact me im       i have a weird cat pic if u add me[b]Gabe Clement[/b]

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