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Question-whiteharvesting and bushels

by Therese Perks - Aug 07, 2010 Star_s313 views

why am I no longer receiving any bushels when I harvest, the last three times I have harvested I have not received any bushels what is going on

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Im at a complete lose for words for this section... i plant i harvest and when i go to make my stuff I dont have enough of something but I can go to my get bushels section and they will be 14 blueberries...i go to make something and i have to go buy blueberries from someone (most of the time i cant get any or have to wait hours to get more). If i grow it then i should be able to use the 14 bushels of blueberries first.....but oh nooooo i have to go and share them with others and go hunt for mine.?? Does this make any sense. The reasons farmers grow things is to use the product to suppose the farm..... I dont want to grow it for someone else to use and wait for what i need. I dont know I get so confused about this stuff. AND im not BUYING that stupid book just to figure things out. I dont know I just keep planting.....


Nothing here either -- every time Zynga adds something new, something else doesn't work anymore


The same thing just happened to me. I planted specific crops for my Crafting Cottage and made sure I had plenty of room in my Farmer's Market, but when I harvested I got nothing. No pop ups, no anything. What is going on THIS time and will we get our bushels back?

I really love this game and understand there will be glitches now and then, but COME ON!


It says you're receiving them, but I'm not getting them either.


I didn't receive them either, though I have a space in my stall. then i realized the crops must be fertilized to get more bushels. after fertilizing all crops and i found tons of bushels, try that it may help


says that you are getting them just isn't showing it they are working on it


Check your Farmers Market stall and make sure you have less than 100 bushels. It will not let you have more than 100 bushels at a time. Hope this helps.

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