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Light-bulbHow to view FarmVille only news feed

by Bebe Lee - Mar 07, 2010 Star_s6,362 views

If your news feed is busy with lots of friends' posts, you can get a FarmVille only news feed by going to:

Updated 4/27: This link is no longer supported by Facebook. However, you can access Famville game feed by click MY FEED tab above this post.

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i also tried it and it's not working. am i doing something wrong?


Bebe- I tried it and its not working. Any other ways??

Thank u!


Here's a tip about how to choose who can view your feed post


Marci, you can create a new list of friends and set the privacy of your post to show only to them.

1) Click "friends" on the sidebar on Facebook
2) Click on "+ Create a list"
3) Name it "Farmville Friends" or something like that and click all your friends who play Farmville (it may take a while!)
4) When you publish your updates, make sure you select this list

Here's a screenshot

Not sure of any other way :P


Do you know how to post updates that only your farmville friends can read?

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