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Light-bulbDont be called "Cheaters" by joining someones Co-OP. ( Also earn couple of gold rewards a day )

by Sam Mathias - May 01, 2010 Star_s856 views

I saw some posts here about peoples getting frustrated by free loaders of co-op job.
This is for them..

Job owners., Please dont be panic if someone join your co-ops without contributing anything. After all this is a game..We lose nothing by sharing our co-op with them.,. even though if you think this is not acceptable, warn them by personnel mail.

There is a one solution to earn couple of gold rewards every day. For that you have to divide your farm in 4 parts. Means if you have 400 squares..divide them 100 each. Seed tomatoes, pumpkins , morning glory ( or any co-op seeds ) in three of them. let be 100 remaining squres be empty or seed them with 4 hours harvestable seeds. Check co-op box for any 90% completable jobs. join them. If their job is for tomatoes seed tomatoes in 100 squres. Then harvest 100 tomatoes from pre - seeded squres. ( You will get some percentage by doing this. )Wait to finish that job.
When that job finish and you earn your gold.., check for someother co-op other than tomatoes. If you found pumpkin first seed hundred pumpkins and then harvest pre-seeded pumpkins..
Hope you understand how to do this trick.

I also feel it is better to take permission from the job owners before joining their co-op..I am telling this because when you harvest hundred of co-op items, someone who joined previously in that job , who seeded on time, but waits for harvesting has a risk of being called as cheaters, because they unable to harvest anything.( you finished their job before they do )., The job ends before they harvest from their crops..!!!

Happy farming..!!

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12-em-plus add reply

Great idea... i just wish more of my friends would get into the whole co op was of thinking .. !!


i did it many times and it work
and it help to finish Co op without missing gold


i dont think sooooooooooooo


the problem is many don't get it fabulous FOREMAN what do they do "nothing" thats why they have that title they earn there title :-)


Sam, I love this tip!


Wow can' believe I missed this tip. Very clever!!

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