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Question-whiteWhy can't I collect bonuses or collectibles or add neighbors?

by Nicole Rosevear - May 01, 2010 Star_s217 views

FV is not cooperating with me.

I can't seem to add neighbors, no matter which way I try it, even if I accept a request.

I also can't seem to get bonuses from friends. It keeps telling me that I can't because it's my post!

I'm loving FV but this is really frustrating. Any suggestions?

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12-em-plus add reply

:( Great.

Thank you for letting me know, though!


Sounds like you are caught in the infamous FarmVille Neighbor glitch. About the only thing you can do is give it a few days and see if it fixes itself (It usually does within 24 - 48 hours). If it doesn't, then you'll have to contact FarmVille.

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