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Light-bulbfast way to get st patricks day gold

by Alex Enochs - Mar 07, 2010 Star_s1,193 views

here you are with 7 pieces of gold you just passed your friend and ur able to give out a free piece of gold in the feed so now let your friend get that piece of gold (originally having 6) now being 7 then let them gain another piece of gold being 8 and now they will post a free piece of gold and you repeat the steps they did that my friend is a fast way to get some gold pieces just letting it chain on

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12-em-plus add reply



its not a st pattys day link topic >.> its a tip for st pattys day gold


can you tell me how i get the bar


Already posted a tip. Please invite for snaggin bar.


xD kinda lol it went on for a lil while then i was like OH what a good effin idea so ima talk another friend into it later but its good for st pattys gold =D


Ha! So your other friends keep seeing the "A passed B" "B passed A" forever on the feed huh?! Funny! XD


plz inv for snaggin bar =D

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