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Light-bulbTOOLS as a gift or on home page telling you to get some

by Mary Davis - Aug 10, 2010 Star_s366 views

What kind of tools are in the tool gifts because it says that I get them or it tells me to grab some and when I do I still need hand drill hammer nails paint so what other tools are there to get and when should I get them Thannks again for any help

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12-em-plus add reply

the tool gifts you get when a neighbor visits are seperate from the ones you need to finish builings, they are used in a few items but so far you need far less of them then you get, I have over 100 of them and stopped collecting them some time ago.


You need all those tools when you build your school, store, barn, chicken coop stuff like that..So keep collecting them as you go. You need those items in higher levels!

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