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Question-white"Sharing has ended for this item. " notification for collections.

by Greg Hill - Aug 12, 2010 Star_s109 views

I have posted some collections recently and locked them to certain indivuals to try to see if anyone can get them either with the snag bar or by the normal method.  Almost every time, the individual whom I lock the post to gets the message ...."Sharing for this item has ended. Please try again later."  Now I locked this post to one individual and they were unable to get it like I said either manually or by the snag bar.  They always get that message.   Anyone have a clue whats going on, or has anybody experienced this issue?  Thanx.

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12-em-plus add reply

Maybe it has something to do with the share limit? It happens to me all the time as well even if something has been posted less than 30 seconds.

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