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Question-whiteVisiting neighbors farm TAKES TOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG!!!!!

by Sheila McElwrath - May 02, 2010 Star_s273 views

this is really not a question more like a statement. We need a new way to visit our neighbors farms it take way to long after you have clicked neighbor . Is there anyone out there that can change this or speed it up.

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12-em-plus add reply

unfortunately for me and my neighbors. I can visit 5 farms before the game freezes and I have to restart my computer. this is very annoying since its only been doing this for 3 weeks. Zyanga isn't making any effort to change it. argh. Sorry neighbors but too miss visiting your farms.


Unfortunately, only FarmVille can fix this. And so far, they haven't given any indication that they are going to do anything for us.

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