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Light-bulbwhy are my clothes taking so long to sell and how can i raise my popularity???

by Desree Henson - Aug 13, 2010 Star_s985 views

help need to know how to get higher points for popularity is it how i decorate my store?

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12-em-plus add reply

to raise ur popularity use more dores .................


The happier your customers are the better.

- Max out your staff
Since your staff dont' cost anything, make sure that you've always got the most amount hired as you can

- Dressing rooms
Make sure that you've got plenty of dressing rooms for people to try on clothes

- Have stuff to sell
Each time you have someone buy something, you get a point, so make sure you've got something in your store to sell.


I did it lik this to get 90 a second floor and have 2 stairs....and wait stay on the screen showing 2nd floor for like 5 min and if u sont have any clothes close the shop an dont go to first dont keep your screen on the first floor never...there is too much of people coming in.....hope it helps :D


u cant increase ur popularity u have to wait untill ur clothes finished

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