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Question-whiteHow often can you Gift? Or visit neighbors?

by Angilee Garcia-Marshall - Aug 13, 2010 Star_s1,626 views

I can't seem to gift neighbors right now. Is this a glitch? Or is the waiting period between gifting really that different from Farmville?
How often can I visit friends to get items for my challenges etc? Sometimes the game tells me when I can next visit. I wait that long and then I still can't visit. Glitch or is it only every other day?
Any help is appreciated.
BTW How do you get an egg out of a chicken. I have about 9 chickens and feed them often. Do I need to have a coup?

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12-em-plus add reply

Thank you...
No, the Game Rules seem a lot more confusing than those of Farmville, but the game does load and flow faster. Oh, well. It is a Zanga game. What can we expect???


you can visit as many neighbours you want between 24 hours of time. I mean every day, once.
About gifts i am not sure. Free gifts must be 1 a day but you can share your colletions items as much you want. Also collecting rewards at FB posts you can send many gifts.
I hope i helped. Games rules are not very easy to see.

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