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Question-whiteAll foals grow into black horses

by Heidi Gomes - Aug 15, 2010 Star_s656 views

Does anybody knows a way of getting the foals to grow on what they're supposed to? I've put my rare ones in the nursery an says they'll become black horses,even the green ones! Do I have to delete my nursery and start again?
Thank you in advance.

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12-em-plus add reply

thank you guys.
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not all the foals grows on what they're suppose to, by the contrary, few do that.... :(

see here, there's a diagram. they are all there. I hope it helps. kisses from Portugal.


if you want to know what they will become, just move your mouse over the foul, inside of the nursery, and it will say what it will grow up to be. Clydesdales, cream drafts, mini fouls, and ponys will NOT become black horses.

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