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Question-whitedoes anybody know if the white stallion mini work like the white stallion?

by Joseph Caban - Aug 16, 2010 Star_s523 views

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Hello Matt, I just read your post... Are you actually telling us that if we were to actually add a Mini White Stallion into our Horse Stables they will actually produce foal baby's??? Is that correct??? I'll admit I'm actually still learning about Farmville every day, & really would like to be able to Produce baby Clyesdale foals...Please add me as a friend on Fcaebook & add me to your Farmville game & let me know if this mini stalllion thing happens to be true. Thanks! I really like reading & posting in these Message Boards...Cool website!!! Thanks! :D ~ Sue ~


Is there a difference in the breeding between the black stallion and white stallion.. just wondering


yes, works the exact same, put big horses or minis in stable it doesn't make a difference


I breed with my mini.. don't know what you mean by work like the white stallion though.

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