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Light-bulbstart saving wodden boards and bricks!

by Farmer Abbie - Aug 18, 2010 Star_s328 views

i think farmville will be putting a pigpen on our farms soon so start saving bricks nails and wodden boards =)
here is proof

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12-em-plus add reply

"Also what is up with people getting extra nurseries, I am only limited to one."

Up until about a month ago I think, you could buy as many nurseries as you wanted. I ended up getting one extra, but when I went back for another one, it said the limit is one nursery. Some people have a lot of them. I tend to think that they take up a lot of space. The only "animal housing" building that I know you can still buy in bulk and expand is the dairy farm.


A pigpen would be nice. I am also sick of building things, but I am more angry with the fact that many of the items in the market place are only available with FV dollars, and lots of them. Why can't they offer items for both FV $'s OR coins?


That is great and all, but it would make more since to build a Buck Barn. Also what is up with people getting extra nurseries, I am only limited to one. Zynga really needs to let us expand the nurseries.


It's a 2 phase design... not even sure if it's buildable. People are sick of building all kinds of crap, Zynga might have realized that. This is why we had the garage with only 10-10-10 basic materials and no extra.


hmmm...interesting... thanks

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