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Question-whiteFree Farm Town Cash? Is this real?

by Sue Stalvey - Aug 20, 2010 Star_s10,926 views

I recieved this message today...what is it all about?  Where did it come from?  Is it legit?
(Farm Town announced that if you send this message to 10 persons minimum you'll recieve 500 Green Dollars to better your farm since members say they have a difficult time obtaining them. It will not be repeated. just copy paste and send)

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12-em-plus add reply

This is yet another Facebook message chain letter, much like e-mail chain letters and postal (snail mail) chain letters. The only things chain letters do is clog up the mail system they are in, and make your friends irritated that you thoughtlessly passed it to them.

Ask yourself: How are the developers of Farm Town supposed to know if you send the message to others or not? Truthfully, they have no way of knowing. The clue that the message is a chain letter is the plea for you to "Copy, paste, and send to friends", and the hook used to get you to send it to others is that you really want to believe you will get something for basically nothing. Chain letters and internet phishers always use the "something for nothing" hook so you need to learn to ignore them.

BTW, If there was a link in the message and you clicked on it, please run a virus check since the link would have been a fake one made by an internet phisher to look like Farm Town or it's parent company, Slashkey. You could have picked up a virus, trojan, or mal-ware from that site that is designed to damage your computer or auto send any useful personal data (like your banking account numbers) from your computer to them.

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