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Question-whiteCan Anyone Help me With Getting 1 White or Black Adult Stallion So I can Breed???

by Suzanne G. - Aug 20, 2010 Star_s441 views

Hello everyone! I have a quick Question for all of you. I was wondering
if Anyone had any spare One or Two Adult White or Black Stallion that
anyone send to me. I'm ONLY asking for one Adult Stallion, which would
be Just enough to breed with. Please, if anyone in has any Extra Spare
NO More then two....) White or Black Stallion Adult Horses that you
could send to me via Facebook Email, I really would appreciate it. I
won't ask for anymore then that. I just really would like to start
breeding baby's but have Not been able to due to a lack of any Adult
Stallions around FB. I just hope someone in here might be able Help me get
at least one of these Adult Stallions. I'd really appreciate this.
Thanks for reading! :) ~ Sue ~

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12-em-plus add reply

You can get a White Stallion in the Mystery Game at the moment.


A black or white adult stallions cannot be sent as there is no send options for it. even mini stallions also breed but the mini stallion foal will grow up into a mini cream horse. if you want you can add me into your neighbors i can tell you the way to get it . i have all the stallions.


I don't have any but would love to have a new neighbor. I play everyday AND used to live in Auburn Hills.
Feel free to add me as there is no option on your profile.
Good luck with the breeding.

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