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Question-whiteNursery Barn placing beautiful foals and they are growing into UGLY horses?

by Isabella DiGiro - Aug 24, 2010 Star_s1,367 views

I empty my nursery barn I placed 2 beautiful OVNI Green Foals and one of them gew into the ugliest, nastiest looking horse his face is sad and he is black with ugly dot stops on his butt! Ewwww how gross well I just don't like it because it was so hard for me to get the green foal from a friend wall and now turned into an ugly animal :( so annoyed does that happen to any of you? What should I do so I can get a full grown green horse?  thanks to all of you in advance.

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Sorry Cayden Smith and Niall Houston but no everybody is as smart as you guys are :) if I have to read one million post or search for forums I will have to quit my job and dedicate my life to FV. You know what they say: If you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say anything at list Matt Bishop answer is the best one I have gotten so far.


if you scroll over the calves and foals in the nursery it tells you what they will grow into.

please peeps search the forum before asking questions for the billlionth time.


If people paid attention this post has been asked a million times over, and the answer is the same, DON"T PUT RARE FOALS AND CALVES IN THE NURSERY


Thank you Matt, I do have FV cash to buy it but it's not on the market right now :( I see your point but I do spend $$$ also not fare right? that we have to get the ugly stuff even if we spend the FV cash , yes I notice that purple pony turn into blue pony yes you are right.


the only way to get a rare horse is to buy it.. with fv cash.. the babies do not grow to be an adult of the same kind.. for one reason.. people who have spent farmville cash don't want to give everyone foals that grow up to be the same horse they just spent real money on.. from now on before you harvest a nursery.. put a foal or calf in the nursery and put your mouse over the picture.. it will tell you what it grows up to be.. The only thing that grows up to be its original parent is cream draft foals.. (clydesdale and percheron also grow to be cream draft horses.) mini stallion foals and mini cream foals grow to be mini cream horses. If im not mistaken everything else grows to be Black horses.. ... (another exception.. blue pony foals grow to be blue ponys.. but pink pony foals and purple ones grow to be blue ponys as well. ) be careful


Photo of my farm.

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