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Question-whiteadobe flash player has crashed

by Courtney Briscoe - Aug 27, 2010 Star_s694 views

I keep getting an error message that the adobe flash player has crashed. I reinstalled the new adobe flashplayer, and every time I go to the market it crashes. Still. The old fix does not work of disabling the timeout, it would not let me type the string into the filter box. I do not know what to do. Any Ideas?

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One More Thing

If you do not see this line in there then the PLUG-IN has completely uninstalled and you need to go to Adobe and re-download the Flash Player.

When you are finished making the change make sure you your system completely off and then turn it back on.See More


There have been various reports that Flash Player is crashing Firefox 3.6.4. This may be avoided by disabling the newly implemented "hang detector":

• type about:config into the address bar
• click I'll be careful ...
• scroll down to dom.ipc.plugins.timeoutSecs
• double-click on it, then set the new value to -1

The reason you are having these problems is because Flash Player 10.1 which updated itself from Flash Player 10 with you latest Adobe Updates is TIMING OUT.. So with a logical approach of looking at the SIMPLE THINGS FIRST...Just changing the "HANG DETECTOR" Value from 1 to -1 will fix the problem. This is the case since "REAL TIME" never goes to -1.
BTW-When you make this change make sure you do a full COLD BOOT on your system. That means POWER IT DOWN/POWER IT ON.

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