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Light-bulbBouncing balls cheat

by Farah Sweis - Mar 08, 2010 Star_s4,497 views

1-cheat engine 5.6 or 5.5
2-firefox or flock

1-open cheat engine choose your browser (by pressing the small blue computer, top left)
2-start playing shoot any group of clolor go back quickley to ce(cheat engine) enter your score and click first scan.
3-go back to the game again shoot any group
4-back to ce enter your new score and click next scan one address on the left will be shown double click
5- the address will be shown on the bottom click the small box and double click the number under the value
6-change the value to what ever you want say 789315 (not to suspicious =P )
7-back to the game again shoot any group of balls and your score will jump to the number you put in
8- sit back and wait to lose your score will be 789315
enjoy ;)

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