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Light-bulbAmeba Pico Emoticons and Actions =) + tip how to get a "Ameba Gold"

by Louise Kiana - May 07, 2010 Star_s9,547 views

These are actions and emoticons from "Ameba Pico"


/nekohebi - pink cat will come out
/kiss - a red lip comes out
/thumb - a Thumb out will come out
/heart - two hearts will come out other is BIG other is SMALL
/conf - a twirly circle comes out
/insp - a light bulb will come out
/fun - music notes will come out

/sit - you will sit
/zzz - you will sleep while your sitting
/stand - you can stand in a chair
/min - you will turn MINI
/panda - cute panda will go out and Amaze you =)
/angry - GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! haha =))
/big - you will get big but this Action is expired Action released when april fools day

~ Thanks guys for looking at this Tip.. message me on FaceBook if there will be a problem... E-Mail : thanks guys leave a message on my Facebook if you want me to make some more!!!

You get Ameba Gold by Buying them from clicking Buy Ameba Gold and you can pay by: PAY PAL and PAY BY CASH

There you have it...

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12-em-plus add reply

Oh and also, to everyone saying to give you AG, they can't unless the giver has your password. xD You have to log into your account and enter your credit card number and everything. xD


Do an action and while you're doing it, say "/stop."
Example: You type in "/stop," but don't send it. You click the Joy action button and then quickly press "Talk." You are now floating in mid-air.


give me all u AG!! wakwakwakaw 100000 ag is okay my pico name is Ronan chase


Pls how to get the 100,000 gummies to be props or ring im joanna baylosis


Plz give me only 400 gold plz my name is MarjiPico


give me 500 gold please..pico name:gjan xoxo..


em , , saya teda ameba gold coin la ,,, +_+


tq for all

dewa kali semua
cara buat pause gimana


ive done this thing i dont know if anyone else has done this but when you are asleep on the ground type /stand and you will sleep-stand (sleep while standing up)


you only bow to her


can anybody tell me what is the words to say to the egypt princess plzz help


i will type the words???

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