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Question-whiteI,m tired of scams.

by Perry Kemper - Sep 01, 2010 Star_s67 views

Could someone stop all the B.S. scams that are showing up on my wall? I'm tired of wasting my time and that of my friends.

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as well if you have to like a stupid page and invite all your friends or it doesn't work tactic it is a scam, Zynga only promotes theirs through their site or the forums never is stupid facebook pages or groups. Easy to tell they are a scam unless one is just too thick in the head to have not caught on by the 2nd or 3rd scam.

I too am sick of them and one by one am deleting the repeat offenders, I say if the 3rd time you do it, you will never learn and are too thick and don't have two brain cells to rub together so I don't want them on my list any more. Tired of 100,000's of idiots liking this shit.


@ Janet How can you not tell if it is a scam? If it gives you an outrageous amount of FVC, unreleased unimals, free animals, and buildings then it is a scam. Nothing is given away free in Farmville.


my problem is i never know if its a scam or not.


I Made A Post That I Will Be Deleting Anyone That Posts Scams On My Wall And I Have.


use common sense? and no one can remove them from your wall but you (in the case of your friends .. they should delete them as soon as they confirm they are scams)

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