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Light-bulbWhat are they for??

by Christina Scillieri - Sep 04, 2010 Star_s121 views

Why are we collecting truffles again? Are they allowing us to collect again for the wedding??
00oo00h I hope so... i only need two more olives to be done!!

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12-em-plus add reply

i thought it's for the wedding too. but alas, these truffles appear in my gift box and when i click on 'use', it changed into a strawberry pigs! should i delete my wedding tent with all my store of olives, wool, milk?


ok Ive collected some truffles but where do I find them that will allow me to trade them in


oh cool.. well where are they? like after i collect them...


You trade them in for rare pigs.


No, u trade them in by using them and get a prize. The brown truffles have only given me pigs so far.

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