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Light-bulbAnnoyed by the nursery barn

by Brandie Dawson - Sep 04, 2010 Star_s205 views

Why does the Palouse foal turn into a black horse? Wy does a green calf turn into a chocolate cow? How is it fair that we get these cool baby animals, and we cant raise them to their adult counterparts? (green calf to green cow, etc.) Ugh. I would LOVE a Palouse horse, but no. The foal will now forever be a baby because I dont want another dang black horse. Grrrr.

Does this annoy anyone else?

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Ah, I did not think about the fact that the adults were bought with farm cash.

I guess the draft horses and mini horses are not FC horses? Because the cream draft foal turns to a cream draft horse, and the mini foal turned into a mini cream horse.


The only reason I can see for not allowing the Pink/groovy/green calves to grow up the the adult is frankly, to keep us playing. Those guys you gotta get off the feed, after they have wandered onto a friends farm. ("lost and lonely" or what ever). I was mad too when my kelly green did not turn into a kelly adult. My fault though, its easy enough to check to see what they will grow into when you place them in the nursery. Just hoover your mouse over the baby and it will show you what it will turn into.


Okay. I understand about the horses that are purchased with fvc but why do Pink calves turn into chocolate cows why not chocolate calves into chocolate cows? Also why do groovy calves not turn into groovy cows? I have pink & groovy cows that I did not purchase with fvc so why do they not turn into the right cow, does any one know? Yes to me this is upsetting.


Annoy? Well, yes and no. I do own the adult of most of these little guys, and a lot of them I had to do the mystery balloon/box games, which took several trys. Point is, I do have some real cash money invested in them. If I could just stalk my feed for a baby and grow it up to the same adult, why would I bother to buy them? The only one this actually worked out well for was the black stallion; He did grow up to be a stallion, but would not work as one (sterile). BUT! When they re-released him they allowed all the ones folks had that had grown them in the nursery to become actual working stallions, which was sweet! But I understand why this is this way. It would not be fair for those of us who pay cash for adults to give away our foals to friends who will get the same thing after they grow them.

I am still waiting to see what they will do with the Mustang. Currently, he will not grow up at all, so no use putting him in your nursery. And since the folks that have an adult (I don't), did not pay anything for it- not cash or coins- I wonder if they will ever let that one grow up to be a Mustang (if you recall it was an email promotion).


Thats because FV are a buisness, if one person got a palouse horse and gave foals to their friends, then they grew up into palouse horses and gave foals to their friends, eventually everyone will get a palouse horse.


Because Zynga is a business and there is NO way that they will allow for FC foals to turn into the FC adult versions considering You get the foals for free. They would lose money because NO ONE would buy the adults if all you had to do was wait for a foal and grow it up for free. How fair is it for the people who spent real money to buy the adult to now have the foals they produce turn into the adult version for free??

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