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Question-whiteWhy my green,pinto,percheron,mustang,black stalion,white stalion foals grow only in black horses?

by Stoyan Paliyski - Sep 06, 2010 Star_s616 views

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12-em-plus add reply

its all in how you breed them one stallion one other horse in stable (no common horses) rare let sit and when ready you should get foal of same


Because the owner of the adults paid for them, and it would not be fair to your friends if you were able to grow up the foal to its adult counterpart. All pony's grow up to be Blue, some horse foals will either be a Cream or Black, all mini's will be cream. Currently, Mustangs do not grow up at all, as Zynga has not decided how to handle them because the owner of the adult did not pay for them either (they were part of an email promotion).


I think it does it at random. I get a blue baby from a black horse, etc. whatever comes, comes. I don't try to breed one or the other, just let them "happen" as do the nursery items and the cow barns. I enjoy seeing what grows up. It's a game. Enjoy it and don't stress about it. Its fun.


I am thinking that Zynga does not want to give something away for nothing. Pay Pay Pay for the good stuff.

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