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Light-bulbVent Thread! Post your slow/lost connection/loading Issues, lost buildings or any other gripe or solution.

by Barbara D'Angelo - Sep 07, 2010 Star_s10,096 views

We've got lots of separate posts on the above problems so let's try to put'em all here on one thread so you can find what people are doing for such problems without searching for hours.

As has been made abundently clear from the hundreds of posts being left on our Frontierville Discussion Board, people are experiencing those Blasted internet conection problems with Frontierville left and right. It's frustrating to get one of these messages, especially when you've just recieved a special collection item or finished harvestin only to have to start over again.

We are creating this thread to serve as an all-encompassing Frontierville issue thread. Feel free to share your issues with other Gamers Unite! members, many of whom will likely tell you they have had the same problem.

If you have discovered a solution that might help some members with their issues, then please feel free to post it in this thread as well. If a solution proves to help a large number of people, one of the GU! staff members will either add the solution to this post or create a sticky reply in this thread.

As a reminder, Gamers Unite! is not affiliated with Frontierville. Zynga is solely responsible for the coding they put into the game and, as such, are the only ones who can permanently fix the problems. Sadly, Zynga sometimes has issues with admitting their is a problem in the first place. If you are experiencing internet connection issues, we encourage you to contact Zynga Support and let them know. Make sure to give them as much information as possible using complete sentences with proper punctuation. If enough people complain, they will look into it.

new threads on this subject will be deleted if outside the sticky so don't be alarmed! :)



Email Zynga customer support, that should always be step 1.  Gamers Unite! is not affiliated in any way with Zynga so while members can offer possible solutions, its always best to open a ticket with Zynga.

Many players have a large amount of animals on their homestead which causes major lag, try hiding your animals, see here:

No Avatars on Homestaed!  Some people are having this issue some have solved it by:
- visit Jack's homestead
- wait until its fully loaded
- after it had loaded click the home icon (don't tend or harvest)
hopefully this will resolve your problem, if you have other possible solutions, please post.

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Due to FrontierVille going OOS every time you decorate on the new expanded land edges, or for the 22 other irritating reasons the games is going OOS lately, the forums are becoming over run with error messages.. again.  lol. So please, if your going to vent about FtV not paying the electric bill, use this thread.  Some venting posts will be removed from the forum so as to keep the forums clear for members to navigate.  So, don't be worried if a newly created OOS post vanishes.

As a small tip, the only thing that has saved me from OOS is to Not move anything around on the expanded land area.  If I need to redecorate that area, I have to move the object as soon as the screen loads.  Some how this negates the OOS for me.  But not every time. 


Is anyone else having a problem with clearing grass and then immedatly losing the internet connection? This has been happening for several days now and I am stumped. Doing other tasks does not appear to create this problem.


cant seem to get any ground hogs and need them for at least three missions! i plant and harvest to no avail!


Hi friends...Since two days ago I have a great problem: I kill the varmints, but in the statics didn´t appears. I have to kill 10...I thought i just killed 13 but at the statics of the corral missions didn´t appears...What can i do?


no grass has grown for 60 hours, 10 thorns this morning (tho where they
were when i needed then for a mission still eludes me) I have plenty of space open. Grrrr


I cannot load Frontierville at all (I mean, can’t even get to look at my homestead). Every time I try, I get the error message: “Blasted Internet Just Went All Quiet on me! Let’s try us a bit of refresh”. This has been going on since April 6th, 2011. I have always had some issues with the game occasionally kicking me out and refreshing itself and not being able to use some of the boosts, but I literally cannot play at all and it is driving me CRAZY!!! I have already contacted Zynga’s poor excuse of customer support 48 hrs after the issue started. While I did get a very quick response, the suggestions were absolutely no help at all. I am usually pretty good with computers and had already tried every suggestion under the sun before I even emailed them. I have tried every browser I can think of, deleted cookies a countless number of times, removed the application and added it again, and every other suggestion available on Zynga’s website when you are emailing them. This is REALLY frustrating me as Frontierville is by far my favorite game and I am getting VERY behind. Zynga’s customer support does not seem to give a rat’s @ss whether or not they get my game fixed or not, so I was hoping maybe somebody else has had this same issue and somehow has gotten it fixed? Or maybe someone has had it magically straighten itself out? I keep trying the game about every other day hoping that it will start up, but it doesn’t. It loads up to about the last ¼ inch of the loading bar then I get the stupid message again. My daughter’s account works fine on the same computer, but mine just quit. I don’t get it. I read that I can remove the application for 90 days and it will reset itself, but I REALLY don’t want to do that because I’m at level 89 and it took me a really long time to get there. Does anyone have any suggestions? After I told Zynga’s customer support I had already tried their suggestions, this is the response I got: “This is Denis again and I truly apologize for this situation. I know how frustrating it can be not to be able to enjoy your game. I would be happy to resolve your issue right now but unfortunately I don't have the proper tools to provide you a solution. I have escalated this ticket to a special team with very specific instructions for
your issue. I appreciate your understanding and patience. Thanks for your comprehension in this matter.”
A bunch of B.S. if you ask me. I haven’t heard a word from anybody else about anything. Anyway, thanks for reading my rant! Any advice or suggestions anyone can offer would greatly be appreciated.

Bridget Smith


hoi i have a lot of problems with the game . dont love it anymore !! trees dont grow have no groundhogs . visiting neighbors dont go or fail . why ??? help the gamers please


Thank you for playing Zynga games. A representative will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with 'Carlos R.'

Carlos R.: Hello Howard! My name is Carlos and I am a Zynga Customer Support Representative for FrontierVille. How may I help you today?

Howard: Hi carlosr i don't think it is me but before i went to bed at 1am my time i planted a field of cabbage and i am just getting on my frontier now and it is not their

Carlos R.: I see Howard, I really apologize for this inconvenience, as a player myself I understand your situation.

Carlos R.: Are you trying to complete any Mission with the Cabbage?

Howard: yes i need 15000 food

Howard: thats why i have so many cow and pigs and ox and i cleared a big section for crops for food

Howard: it said it was going to take 10 hours to grow

Howard: is it cause i am accessing my frontier from two different computers

Carlos R.: I understand Howard. Could you please hold on for a few seconds while I open your account?

Howard: ok

Carlos R.: Just to confirm, which Mission are you trying to complete?

Howard: hot and sacuey

Carlos R.: Thank you Howard.

Carlos R.: I'll start working on your account now, please hold on for a few moments please.

Carlos R.: :)

Howard: ok

Carlos R.: Thank you!

Carlos R.: Howard, I'm happy to inform you that I've completed the Canning Master Mission part II for you so you can move on.

Howard: ty

Carlos R.: It is always a pleasure to help you!

Howard: i am still curious to know what i did to make them disappear

Carlos R.: Regarding the missing crops, let me advise you that the Game Developers of the Game are aware of this issue and they are working really hard from preventing that issue from happening again.

Howard: ok ty

Carlos R.: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Howard: no thank you for all your help

Carlos R.: Before you go, would you like to help me by filling out a short question survey about your experience chatting with me?

Howard: yes

Carlos R.: I appreciate your feedback about this conversation. The survey link will be included on the email you will receive with the transcript of our conversation.

Carlos R.: Thank you Howard!

Carlos R.: Have a nice weekend.

Carlos R.: :)


i have lost my family! i can't complete the earth day quest because I can't find my child. i have moved everything and looked everywhere for them. there needs to be some button on the side to click on family members to select them when they get lost among the stuff.


been trying to get frontierville to load the last couple hours. not working :(


I have responded to over ten of my neighbors newpaper ad's and still now count on my mission... Grrr.


can't send any requests!


I am getting sick of trying to find groundhogs, need 3 more to move on. St Pats day is over, ditch the leps. I have been working on the groundhogs for over a week
I may stop playing


can't find my beehive!!! please help :(


Where I most found Website Building Boost? Thats not in my Inventary...I have Business Boost but I need that Building Boost...


How do I get back my 50 horseshoes that just disappeared!


Not for sure what is going on, but i have lost all my buildings except 2 please help if possible. thanks


Can't expand my shed, can't collect the daily bonus from the shed either... any update from this?


for 3 days now I haven't been able to send any requests. what's up with that. maddening.also i can't send back any gifts that i have received. is anyone else having this problem.


@ Cindy & Maria - have the same problem with a shell of an expanded shed, says click to finish but for a change there is NO pop up (the one time I would like one) can't collect bonus, just freezes game. Been like this for 2 weeks now, have ticket in with Zynga but haven't heard anything

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