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Light-bulbSpecial delivery sucks

by Jeny Silk - Sep 08, 2010 Star_s458 views

I hate the special delivery gift that is automatically generated when someone visits my farm its always fuel or a brick .. i dont need either ... when i go to some of my neighbours they have somehow been able to leave an icon of the gift they want such as a blanket or a bottle etc ... does anyone know how to do that ????

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12-em-plus add reply

i get alot of crap like fuel bricks and stuff but I also get alot of Fv dollars.This is the only gift I have seen that actually send out Fv cash so I dont complain when ppl send them.I just sell all the stuff I dont need for nothing of course but about every 5th one is fv cash so it starts adding up.I have probaly recievec 15 in fv cash this week.Where do u find the SPECIAL DELIVERY"S to send them? They are not in my Gifts to send to friends..Do only certain ppl have the special deliveries?I still have the aurprize gift boxxes.


The bee hive isn't useless. If you were to use a fertelize all then you run a good chance of finding pollenated seeds which are suppose to yield more bushels.


I think it is supposed to pick what it thinks you need. Usually for farmers with unfinished buildings it's the needed materials - even discontinued stuff like Japanese barn parts. My buildings are all finished so I keep getting bees. I'm thinking of selling my beehive (which seems totally useless) and wonder if I'll get anything better. Right now I'm just not opening them in hopes that with the next new release, they'll turn into something better.

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