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Question-whiteDo you have to pay for Charles Proxy Download ?

by Ann Bruster Metz - Sep 08, 2010 Star_s187 views

I have no Idea how any of this works. Been reading a little about it not sure how it works. I don't know where to get it and if It comes free or not. I would love to know all there is to know about it Thank you!

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12-em-plus add reply

Ann, I would also like the answer to your question. I am surprised in 7 hours no one is willing to share information. I have looked around on this forum for more information several times and haven't found enough info to be very helpful.

Tax Man, your post below was very helpful. This is what I noticed you replied to someone else regarding foals growing up in the nursery as black horses. " If you don't want to pay for the dang LE horse with farm cash here is a nifty little idea.....learn to use charles and get it for free. Obviously Tax Man, you know something about it and not willing to share. If your not willing to share information, why bother to post what you did below? Did you have a bad day?


no you don't

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