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Light-bulbStill new here any idea why not all items are on snag bar??

by Frank Buffum - Sep 09, 2010 Star_s44 views

what i am asking is  say like the collectables not all are listed so i cant turn ff the ones i dont want and i just keep getting more and more of them same with some horses and cows like i kep getting brown foals cant find where to turn them off. they have most items listed but there are quite a few missing.

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12-em-plus add reply

I can't remember for sure what the exact reason is anymore for the collectibles. I think it has something to do with the ones listed are the only ones someone can post directly to the feeds....the rest are randomly selected when your bar collects from a completed collection post but I may be a bit off base here.

I also not sure what you mean about the rest, but in your original question you asked about the brown foal and that is example of an item that can easily be unselected to snag. What other items are you looking to not-snag?


oh I know that what i am wanting to do is NOT snag some item but they arent listed on the menu .I am asking why not? why are some collectibles not listed? its not because i want them its because i dont want them and there is no option to NOT snag them. there are also a few other items in other areas that are not listed as well ,so that means no option to NOT snag them , and my snag bar just gets them all even though i dont want them. i guess im just wanting to know why some items are not in the list so you can un -check them.


You can't really do anything about the collectibles except for the ones listed. But for animals and such you can edit out any you don't on the little white gear on the snag bar, on the foals line click the little black triangle on the right of the Foals line and pick and choose what you want to snag.

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