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Light-bulbHow to disable infospace search

by Johnny Imnot - May 09, 2010 Star_s497 views

When ever IE cant find the page I want, (Typicaly cause I mistyped address, or the page times out) I get "Re-directed" to a search page.

for example:

The Problem:

It ALWAYS comes up with this page:

No search term was entered into the CoolChaser search box.

Please enter your word or phrase to submit your search.


1. I did not enter anything in the coolweb search box. So I dont want to go to this page.
2. This page "hides" the address I intended to go to. So i dont know what was the page that timed out, or what was the error I miss typed in the address bar.

I have gone in and deleted the search line in the Regestry, But the Coolweb bar re-enters the search line back in the regestry.

How do I perminatly disable this re-direct?

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12-em-plus add reply

You can uncheck the preference by clicking the "C" logo on the toolbar, select "layout managers' => 'settings"=>uncheck 'enable dns search".

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