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Light-bulbRare Collectables Cow Bell,

by Karen Dunbar Morreale - Sep 13, 2010 Star_s172 views

How come I never get the rare collectables in my gift box.  I snag them but they never get in my gift box. I got the cow bell and the pearl button but i never got them. Does anyone know why? I reveive everything but them.

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12-em-plus add reply

I am having the same problem and my gift box is not full, I have had 3 cow bells and didn't get credit for any of them and thats the only thing I need.


yes it is common for it to happen if you have over 200 gifts in your giftbox. If you have more than 200 in your giftbox then open a mystery egg and you will see a message saying your giftbox is full and the egg will remain unopened.


.... your gift box might be full... happens to me all the time. =P

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