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Question-whiteI was just wondering!

by Dana Renner - May 10, 2010 Star_s610 views

Is there a snag bar for fishville ANYWHERE?

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I would really Like to know if the snag bar is going to add Fishville anytime soon.


iam nedd to neighbor you


fishville and farmville are the only zynga games i play. minus the occasional mafia wars visit lol, but fishville does deffinately need a snag bar!! gamers unite people please??!?!?!?!?


fv bonus checker has one for fishvill,go to fv bonus checher, fisville is listed near the top of the page


I agree we need a snag bar for fishville


I agree. Fishville needs a snag bar.


I play Fishville too but I don't know if there are any scripts written exclusively for this game. Not enough of my friends post for Fishville so never looked for a script. Also I don't think the Gamers Unit team will be making a snag bar for Fishville anytime soon since it's not as popular as some other Zynga games but that's just an opinion of mine.


would love to know this too Xx

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