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Light-bulbGifting gold to a friend or neighbor multiple times in one day, and getting the rewards as many times

by Raven Bane - Mar 10, 2010 Star_s1,545 views

I have noticed when I send gold to anyone that requests it to me directly, I am able to send them up to 10 gifts per day. Normally you are limited to just one gift per person up to a maximum of 30 people per day.

1: Open the gift request in your box, and choose "Send Gold"
2: Choose the gold and whichever reward corresponds to it and push "send"
3: Notice "" in the address bar as your farm loads.
4: Once the farm is done loading, dismiss the "thanks for sending" pop-up by pushing "Ok". Note how many gifts you have waiting in your farm's gift box.
5: Push your browser's back button to return to the gold/reward page.
6: Repeat steps 2 through 5 and notice your gift box filling with up to 10 rewards, and your preferred friend getting up to 10 gold pieces from just one person.

This is intended for those farmers that don't have many friends or neighbors yet, or those whose friends and neighbors don't post on the feed or gift often. I encourage spreading the wealth to as many people as you can so the entire community benefits.

Happy Farming!

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I believe this post was in reference to the gold during the St Patrick's event where players collected it to fill up their "pot of gold" and redeem special prizes for it.
Since this event is now over I will be closing this topic. Thanks.


cool!! If only I had gold in my gifter to be able to send/gift to people,would love to try this tip out. TYVM for it!!
Kimberly (-=


what i dont get it it dont work? help! can u just make it more simple it sed i ran out of requests but i took my gift out and opened it if that changes anything?? btw my names not mukka


It tells you you can send up to 10 gifts per day when requested. If you choose a person you want to send 10 gifts to, you can't send anymore to anyone else that day who requested gifts.


I know it hasn't been 24 hours yet to get my invitation, but I figured I may as well ask. Invite me please, so I may download the bar.

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