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Question-whitesnag bar reporting

by Therese Klemm - May 10, 2010 Star_s125 views

I really appreciate the fact that you moved the reporting box, makes life easier, but is there any way you can put something on there that we can get it off the screen? even though it is now on the bottom, it still interferes with some of the games. I have an older computer that doesn't respond as good as the new ones and it will stay there forever causing problems. I love it though and thanks for the ability to use it......keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!

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12-em-plus add reply

Yeah i love the snag bar, but the reporting box is driving me crazy. We should have the option to turn it on and off, or better yet suprprise me when i refresh and go to my gifts.


I really want the option of turning OFF the reporting box. I don't care where it is on the screen. It still gets in my way. I can see on the snag bar if new things have been snagged, and I can see in my gift box what they are. The reporting box is in the way and slowing down my other games. Please.....get rid of it altogether or let us turn the annoying thing off.


i'm new at the snag bar but it works great for me :)


Why are neighborgs angree at me because i get the snagbar. They want to remove me as neighborg why??


love the snag bar but reporting is slowing pc down when it pops up


i like it when it works it really works, its just getting it to cooperate that is the hard part lol


It snags on my wife's farm but, won't snag on my farm although we log in and out properly. Is it because there is no items on my facebook page to snag. I don't know why they don't put farmville bonus's there but, they don't. I was hoping that snagging would work on my neighbors profile page.

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