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Light-bulbBuilding Ratio's

by Andrew Dalton - Mar 10, 2010 Star_s29,638 views

Early on in the game, you're going to want to make sure that you get some resources coming in. I find that having too many farms at this stage can really screw you over!

Try building maybe one farm and then concentrate on 3 wood, 2 ore, 2 stone and build in that ratio for the first city. You're not going to want to attack much of anything, and to be fair, 500 archers can take on low level wildernesses. By the time you have your resources in place to build a second city, you are then likely to want to do some new things.

Second tip!

Once you get your new city, guess what! Make it into a 100% food only city. Make sure you have some supply carts by now, cos you're going to want to transport materials there. Sure, it gets to be a pain, but think of the benefits. Instead of having random wildernesses, all you do with this city is take out lakes and grassland. That way you can support a massive army in the one city without even having to worry about your troops scoffing your food down.

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I have 5 cottages in each of my 5 cities. Period no more you can go to 4 but the lower teh amount of cottages you have the lower your population is and thus your idle population lowers making it so you can only train a little bit of troops in each que.

My 1st and 2nd city are ALL farms and all have lvl 10 food wilds. (Grasslands and Lakes) You will want to be able to get level 10 food wilds ASAP before they are gone to help feed your army.

My 3rd and 4th cities have NO food fields they are ALL mines for ore production.

My 5th city is now becoming ALL food wilds as well.

I have NO quarries and NO saw mills at this point in the game.

I don't need the quarries I can buy the stone for dirt cheap and I don't need the saw mills as the barb camps provide me with more than enough wood for myself and members of my alliance.

If you are just beginning your cities then you will need a mix of everything.

When I started to get everything going I had 10 cottages.......... each time I was able to build more field plots I built 1 of each a farm, a saw mill and a mine. I only ever had a max of 3 quarries in a city. When I was done building my castle and walls and such I knocked down every quarry and made them farms. As I got a new city I tore everything down and made the one all farms and started on the new one.

Also when you start a new city if you unassign your foreman in a city that is already built up then reassign him to the new city and put him in the foreman role then you will be able to build your new city way faster then you built your 1st city as that foreman is already leveled and decreases your build times.

You DO NOT need a lab in every city You actually only need a max of 2 labs 1 in 2 of the cities to help get research done faster. Then when everything is researched tear down teh lab in city 2 and leave only the lab in your main city. The research from it will carry over to all of your cities.

There is so much information I can provide for KOC, however it would be like reading a novel. If you have any questions you can always add me and message me I will answer you as soon as I receive the message if you would like.

Hope any of this helped :)


Oh, accept your quest's as they come up except for your Title quest's. You can accept them as you need the gold for research. One other thing, 250 militia is what I use for attacking a level 1 plain for my second city. They're cheap to make and 250 will secure the plain every time with only a loss of 10. I've had friends complain that they can't start their city for some reason after using other types of lesser numbers and other types of troops but I've NEVER had a problem creating my second city using this method. The reason theirs fail is because the number of troops can not actually secure the plain, just conquer it.


I personally prefer to build one cottage, 4 farms (to get the necessary food to create an army), 3 quarries, 3 sawmills, 3 mines, the rest of the cottages I intend to use, upgrade castle, one sawmill (for the quest), level up all of my resources to level 2, level up all cottages to level 2, Knights Hall, Alchemy lab (start researching, Wall, Castle, resources and cottages, Alchemy lab, Castle, Knights Hall.... and well... I've shared too much. If I share anymore then I may as well hand you the gems I have earned from tournaments.


Here is a table to help determine the amount of troops it takes to conquer Wilds and Barbarian Camps.. Archer work best since they can destroy troops from a distance:

Wilderness attack levels
to conquer the best way is to send
Level 1 - 50 Archers
Level 2 - 100 Archers
Level 3 - 260 Archers
Level 4 - 600 Archers
Level 5 - 1800 Archers
Level 6 - 5500 Archers
Level 7 - 16200 Archers
Level 8 - 48600 Archers

Barbarian camp attack levels
Level 1 - 500 Archers + level 1 fletching
Level 2 - 1000 Archers + level 2 fletching
Level 3 - 2600 Archers + level 3 fletching
Level 4 - 6000 Archers + level 4 fletching
Level 5 - 15,000 Archers + level 5 fletching
Level 6 - 27,000 Archers + level 6 fletching
Level 7 - 55,000 Archers + level 7 fletching

There is no need to send more than this but make sure that your level of FLETCHING RESERCH matches the level you are trying to conquer.


i disagree with the second post. you can farm an get plenty of resources except food. i am currently at 1 million negative every hour due to a large army and it is a pain to constantly kill barb camps. build your farms up in your second city and stomp most but not all of your stone quarries. keep like one in each or something.

Picture?type=square 4 mills and 3 of everything else...then 4 each expansion u get build a wood and an ore and the alter the other between stone and a farm...these will become less needed in the future of the u attack barb villages and others 4 stone and food

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