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Question-whiteDoes anyone know if and how to add a 2nd player of FV to the snag bar???

by Karen Carpenter - Sep 17, 2010 Star_s66 views

We have more than one player using our computer that does FV and we have been unable to get the 2nd player able to use the snag bar.  Is this possible?  If so how do I do it??? 

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12-em-plus add reply

I run tow accounts as well, one snag abr on explorer for my wife and one on Firefox for me.


We set our computer up for 2 users... My wife and I both have the snag bar and collect for farmville. But if not in use log into both for both accounts to keep collecting. Otherwise only the logged on person collects


I think you can do one on firefox and one on explorer, but other than that good luck.

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