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Light-bulbis there a trick to posting animals

by Donna Jones - Sep 17, 2010 Star_s327 views

I am at a loss with adoptions..cant seem to find any to adopt let alone post and when I do it is the same ole animals..does anyone else have this problem...so frustrating!

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12-em-plus add reply

I concur with what Erin said. Whenever I'm actively playing I always have a bunch of animals I post for adoption, so if you need a new neighbour to help you out you may add me. n.b. Sometimes it's the same old ones as you stated, but other times they're new depending on what ZW is currently releasing.


I've found that if you find an animal to adopt, you will quickly get an animal that needs adopting. For instance, let's say a friend asks people to adopt a sloth. You adopt it within the hour and about a minute later, a notice for a goldfinch that needs adopting appears. I've watched the feed for adoptions waaaay too long for that damned Noah's Ark quest lol. A couple of people on my neighbors feed and myself have gone back and forth adopting and posting adoptions for a good 10-20 animals at a time.

Bottom line? Sounds like you need to add more neighbors that actively/obsessively play haha. I'd go about doing it thru gamers unite, and keep the Zoo World feed up.

Good luck! :)

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