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Light-bulbIs this real? trade fv coins for cash ....... anyone know?

by Deborah Holder - Sep 18, 2010 Star_s1,385 views

Trade Farmville Coins for Farm Cash! FIND OUT HOW INSTRUCTIONS:
1 ► LIKE this page! 2 ► Click in the "SUGGEST TO FRIENDS" Link bellow
the ZYNGA Image! 3 ► Invite EVERYONE!! 4 ► At the bottom left side of
this page click SHARE, and share this page on your wall. 5 ► After
this, you will be able to trade all your coi...ns for farm cash. Conversion: 50 Coins ---> 1 Farm Cash. Hurry up! Offer ends by the end of the month!

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12-em-plus add reply


Paul is my hubby I will explain for you as hes out on a gig.

If you go to the get farmville cash/coins in the farmville screen, select an amount, it will depend how many credits you have. We had 20 each, so we picked the 4 FC option, then selected when the pay screen came up to pay with facebook credits. Each set of 4 or so costs if I remember correctly 10 fb credits.

I also see he didn't read well lol as you were asking about coins not credits, he must have been in a hurry that day or overtired lol. You cannot change your coins to FC wish we could, he has 2 million and I have a bout 3 million.


No that it is a scam that will leave your computer open to hacking and virus.


Hi Paul Anthony,
So how do you trade coins for fv cash?


It can be done but that page is one of those scams as they all are if you have to like something and invite all your neighbors to it. They are just taking advantage of people not knowing you can do that without a stupid page like that. They are as usual as well, promising something they cannot actually deliver on.

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