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Light-bulb200 Farm Cash random or everybody?

by Josephine Hazzard - Sep 20, 2010 Star_s1,714 views

are we all going to get this 200 dollars in farmcash or just a select few does anybody know?

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12-em-plus add reply

i am so sick of all the hackers, and scams with this game. i love farmville. i never seem to get anything free. would be nice once in a while if after we spent so much we could pick something free.


Thanks for the info and the replies it is appreciated


read what Raymond said... he is correct it was a hack using the regift and has been patched within hours of it coming out. So no, some are not going to get it, and those who did are lucky to get it.


I have got 4 200 dollar gifts so far... highly confused..


This was a hack using re-gift, but Zynga has patched it now.


Apparently just a select few which would seem a bit unfair but then we are talking Zynga LOL

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